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Who We Are

Positively Pasta was born in June of 1987 by Chris and Karen Foster.  Chris and Karen first started their journey when they met at the Restaurant School of Philadelphia.  After graduating they both worked in a variety of restaurants in and around the Philadelphia market. 


Their passion for quality food fueled their love for the restaurant industry, however after starting a family in 1985 the long hours of the restaurant business proved challenging and hence the idea of Positively Pasta was born.  With their background in the restaurant industry Chris and Karen focused on their clients as if they were guest being served in a restaurant tailoring product to thier wishes. Positively Pasta quickly grew and became one of the first pasta manufactures to offer a variety of flavored flat noodles as well as unique and

customized filled pastas. 


Positively Pasta remains a family owned and operated business as the second generation has joined the team.  


Our mission also remains the same today as it did in 1987:

“To provide quality and customizable pasta made with fresh and local ingredients to chefs in the tri state area”

Chris and Karen Foster

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